“Avian Women is a series of expressive portrait paintings depicting the strength, power and beauty of women and their emotional and physical connection to the natural world. In my process of painting these avian women the realms of fantasy and realism merge with emphasis on capturing the energy, grace and mystery of the feminine spirit. These portraits were created following my birds with personality series, which were inspired by the birds that visit my backyard feeders and others I encounter on my walks in nature.

After living and working in New York City for over ten years where my focus was painting expressive portraits of women, I relocated to Providence, Rhode Island and was inspired by cardinals living in my backyard and been painting birds ever since. Wanting to spend more time in nature, I moved to Brownfield, ME in 2021.

My goal is to depict the personality of each individual character and not just a “pretty” painting of a bird or woman. I see both as wild, inquisitive, feisty, fierce individuals. My bird paintings has merged with my portrait paintings and led to my “Avian Women” series.” – Judy Volkmann

All Images © 2016-2022 Judy Araujo Volkmann